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dpHUE Basics

Which products are right for my hair? Where should I get started?

For product recommendations based on your personal needs, give our Hair Quiz a try. Here we will ask you a few questions and then provide personalized product recommendations.

Are dpHUE products safe for color-treated hair? What about extensions? Other treatments – Keratin, relaxers, etc.?

Yes! Our products are safe for color-treated hair. dpHUE products are specifically designed and tested for customers with color-treated hair (although they also work well for people who do not get color).

Our products are generally safe for extensions with the exception of the ACV Scalp Scrub. Keep in mind your extensions may pick up Gloss+ color differently than your natural hair.

If you have questions about other types of hair treatments such as Keratin, relaxers, etc., we recommend you reach out to your stylist to learn more about how any product may impact that treatment.

What are parabens and do dpHUE products contain them?

Let’s break it down. If the label says methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben or isobutylparaben, it has parabens. Parabens are preservatives used to prevent growth of bacteria, fungus and other damaging microbes. While they are proven safe, in small amounts, the concern today is that parabens are in so many products we use each day (from toothpaste to conditioner), that our cumulative exposure is anything but small. Parabens are known to disrupt hormone function, an effect that is linked to increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive toxicity.

dpHUE products do not  contain parabens. We believe--actually, we know--that good hair care shouldn’t come with health risks.

What are sulfates and do dpHUE products contain them?

OK, here’s the deal. Sulfates are a common ingredient in many personal care items, especially shampoos. When it comes to protecting hair color, the two sulfates we avoid are sodium lauryl sulfate( SLS) and Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES)  as they can potentially increase your color wash out, and leave you with faded strands. dpHUE is there to protect your hair color!

Does dpHUE test on animals?

Cruelty is cruel. No testing on animals, ever.

Are dpHUE products natural or organic?

All dpHUE products are formulated with ingredients proven to nourish hair and freshen color. While not certified organic, many of our products use natural and botanical powerhouses like apple cider vinegar, lavender extract, argan oil, dandelion extract, macadamia nut extract and many other vitamins-rich ingredients. All the good stuff that great color needs.

Is dpHUE for all hair types?

We love all hair types, and so do our products. Whether you’re rocking straight, thin, coily, curly, wavy or afro-texture hair, dpHUE has products to cleanse without stripping essential oils and nourish with natural ingredients.

Is dpHUE only for color-treated hair?

Nope! While all our products are designed to give TLC to your fabulous hair color, they are often used by people who don’t color their hair at all. Whether you lean on ACV products to naturally clean and condition between shampoos, or you add a pop of GLOSS+ once a month or once a week, dpHUE has great go-tos for hair that has not been colored.


Can I change the shipping address for an order I already placed?

Unfortunately, we are unable to adjust the shipping address. We try to get your order to you as quickly as possible, so your order is processed immediately in our warehouse.

Why isn’t the promotion code working?

Only one promotion code can be applied to an order and each promotion code can be used once per customer.

Make sure the items in your cart are eligible for the promotion and the code has not expired. Promo codes do not apply to items that are already discounted, kits and bundles.

Can dpHUE adjust the price of an order previously placed based on the current promotion?

If you placed an order prior to the start date and time of a promotion, we are unable to retroactively apply the discount to that order.

What should I do if I get an error message during checkout?

If you receive an error message please try another card.

Other troubleshooting steps:

  • Contact your bank to make sure there are sufficient funds in your account.
  • Make sure you are entering the credit card’s CVN and billing information correctly.
  • Make sure your billing name, address and phone number matches that of the credit card used for payment.


When will my order arrive?

All orders are processed and shipped within 4-8 business days. Once your item ships you will receive tracking information for your order via email.

Can I return an item I purchased on pros.dpHUE.com?

Orders on pros.dpHUE.com are final. 

Where to Buy

Where can I buy dpHUE products?

In addition to dpHUE.com, dpHUE products are available at the following locations:

Is dpHUE available in Canada?

Most dpHUE products are available through Sephora.ca!

For Salons and Professionals

Does dpHUE work with licensed Cosmetologists and Salons?

Yes! At dpHUE, we have 2 different options for Professionals!

WHOLESALE – We ship to you. Purchase at Wholesale prices and sell to your consumers for retail

dpHUE Products are available by the case pack at wholesale prices for those with cosmetology licenses. Log in to our Salon Professional website, pros.dphue.com, to find out more!

Please note all sales on pros.dphue.com are final. Products must be sold to clients and consumers within the salon only. Online resale of products purchased from pros.dphue.com and dphue.com is prohibited.

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