Want the Best for Your Hair Color Clients? dpHUE is for you.

Your clients' hair is never just, hair. It rallies them. It takes them places. But when their color loses oomph between salon visits ... so can they.

To that, we say: nooooo way. People deserve the upper hand on their hair color every day -- and your business grows when their color looks good every day -- which is why we created dpHUE.

Helmed by uncompromising color enthusiast Donna Pohlad along with co-founder and A-list celebrity colorist Justin Anderson, dpHUE knows what it’s like to be both in—and behind—the chair. And it shows in our collection.

Fading between appointments? Sell them GLOSS+. Want them to cleanse without stripping color and natural oils? OMG, ACV. Want to prepare them for gray roots creeping in after 10 days? Root Touch-Up Kit to the rescue.

dpHUE is proud to offer you Wholesale prices. Together, let's keep your beautiful work looking fresh between your clients' salon visits!